Microsoft Response Point

Elitegen now has an easy way to afford Response Point with a montly leasing plan that will fit your budget. Please call us to find out more!

Communication is key to a successful business. Elitegen now offers an exciting new product called Response Point. Response Point takes IP-PBX to another level, incorporating voice recognition software and an easy end-user experience. Find out how Response Point can take your business to the next level in efficiency and productivity.

  • Enhanced Voice Recognition: Response Point offers enhanced voice recognition so you can do typical tasks such as transferring a call just by saying what you want to do. You won't have to remember any complicated keystrokes to transfer the call. Just say who you want to transfer the call to and it will automatically route it to that person.
  • Auto Attendant: Auto Attendant is a great feature for when the receptionist has stepped away from the desk or is sick for the day. This voice-enabled feature allows the caller to ask general questions (such as the hours, directions, etc.) and have the ability to answer without anyone actually present. It can also transfer calls when the caller requests to speak to a certain person. In addition, you can record and personalize the messages accordingly so it sounds like a live person is speaking with the caller.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook Integration: Integrate your Outlook with Response Point and you can easily call anyone in your contacts list just by voice commands. The integration is so easy and you will not have to input every single contact into the phone like you may have to with traditional phones.
  • Easy User-Interface: With Microsoft Response Point, there is no need for a tech-savvy person to manage it. In fact, it is so easy that anyone with some computer skills can accomplish simple tasks such as add user, add phone, remove user, etc. Just set it up in the easy-to-understand interface, plug in a phone into the ethernet and it is all set up.
  • Allow Mobile Users to Stay Connected: Now workers on the go can stay connected without losing mobility. Response Point allows you to forward calls to a cell phone and users can access voicemails from their e-mails and also archive these voicemails in e-mail. Windows Mobile users can instantly get notifications of any new or archived voicemails. Plus, Outlook contacts can be accessed virtually from any phone.

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