Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 takes e-mails to a whole new level. In fact, Exchange is more than just e-mails. It is mobility, security, efficiency, and so much more in one convenient package. Microsoft Exchange Server is easy to deploy and cost-efficient to maintain.

  • Anti-Spam and Virus Protection: Exchange Server comes with built-in security so you will not have to get additional spam and virus filtering for your e-mails.
  • Additional Security: Exchange keeps your e-mail safe by automatically encrypting all of your e-mails and uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to keep those important e-mails extra safe.
  • Scheduling Assistant and Calendar Attendant: With the scheduling assistant and calendar attendant, you can now keep track of everyone's schedule to see when someone is open for a meeting. It can also check the availability of meeting rooms all on the server. Scheduling a meeting can even be done without everyone's Outlook client being connected.
  • Anywhere Access: Now you can access your e-mails from virutally anywhere, whether it's a desktop computer, laptop computer, on your e-mails and you can even set up unified messaging so that voicemails can be directed to your inbox. You can also use unified messaging to hear your e-mails be played back to you from a mobile phone.
  • OWA: OWA stands for Outlook Web Access. OWA allows you to access your e-mails from the browser and OWA has a lot of the same features and looks as Outlook. OWA can be used anywhere there is internet connection. Experience Outlook on the web and seamlessly go through your e-mails

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