Privacy Policy

    Thank you for visiting and viewing our privacy policy. We understand how important your privacy is to you and it is also very important to us. Therefore, we want to highlight how privacy is handled through our company. We are dedicated to keeping your privacy safe and will only gather any personal information that you choose to provide to us. This privacy policy does not describe information collection practices on other sites, including those linked to or from the website.

  • What type information is gathered?

Our server will only collect default information commonly logged by web server software. These may include date and time of your visit, the originating IP address, and the pages collected. Should you choose to submit a contact form or job application to us, we will keep your information confidential and only use the provided information as means of contact.

  • What do we do with the information?

Your information will be used solely for the purpose of contact. In submitting your information, you allow us to contact you in whichever way you choose so that we may answer your questions and address all concerns. If you would like us to stop contacting you, we will honor that request and either discard your information or keep it in a safe and secure place should you require our services at a later date. We will never share this information with third or outside parties.

  • How do we ensure your safety when you submit your information to us?
  • Your information is being routed through our secure servers. These servers are owned by us and not accessible to outside parties. We keep your information confidential and would never deliberately spam you. Any other information sent to us via cookies during your visit on the website is completely anonymous and only used to keep track of the number of visitors coming to this website.

    • What are cookies?

    Many websites use cookies nowadays for the convenience of the site viewer and for improvements of the website. Cookies are basically a packet of data that is sent by a server to a web browser and then stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are usually anonymous and usually used to store site preferences and other information when you access the website. You can configure your web browser setting to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or to notify you when a cookie is set. Cookies are not viruses or spyware; they are only a packet of information.

    • How do we use cookies on our site?

    We use cookies on our site primarily to keep track of traffic to our site and to keep note on which sections may be the most useful to our users. We may also use cookies to conduct research to improve our content. In addition, we may use cookies to maintain the preferences set by our customers when they log into our knowledge base.

    If you have any other questions regarding the privacy policy, feel free to contact us through the General Inquiry form.